4 Reasons Why Bamboo Is Taking Home Decor by Storm

4 Reasons Why Bamboo Is Taking Home Decor by Storm

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Homeowners are often looking for home improvement options that offer eco-friendliness, affordability and functionality.  Bamboo has become a top choice for designers, contractors and home owners.  

Bamboo is a readily available wood….except for the fact that it’s actually not a wood, but a grass!  Essentially a weed, bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the Earth.

It can vary greatly in shades and textures, making a great option for decorators and designers.

Because bamboo grows in wet, tropical climates, it is well suited to resisting rain.

Homeowners more and more are looking to eco-friendly materials in their homes.  Since bamboo can grow over 100 feet in just a matter of months, it is considered more sustainable than many woods which require years of water and fertilizers.

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